The Big Apple Coalition of Reason

The Big Apple Coalition of Reason (Big Apple CoR) launched in late October 2009 as a collection of local organizations working together to increase awareness of secular-minded groups throughout New York City. Then, early in 2010, the groups that comprised it realigned for the same purpose in a different coalition called Reasonable New York. You will find their current website at:

All affiliated organizations share common ground--promoting wider acceptance of a more rational and realistic view of the universe--but each has its own particular emphasis. Some advocate for scientific knowledge, reason, and skeptical inquiry. Some focus on the promotion of dogma-free humanist ethics and an appreciation for life and the lives of other people. Others focus more on providing a social aspect to the secular community. All are committed to a more compassionate world by working for a more reasonable citizenry and a higher level of discourse, striving to increase the quality of life for all, and finding fellowship with each other.

You are invited to visit the websites of the various groups that made up Big Apple CoR (and now constitute Reasonable New York), contact the groups that interest you, and attend their gatherings. You may also want to visit neighboring New Jersey CoR.

Meanwhile this website, and its associated Facebook page, will remain in place for historical purposes as well as to redirect interested parties to Reasonable New York.


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